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Your First Golf Lesson

First Golf Lesson

Congrats on taking your first golf lesson! This lesson is mostly focused on basic fundamentals and giving you a feel of what the golf swing should feel like.

Golf Course Management

Golf Yardage Book

Managing a golf course – instead of the course managing you – involves strategy and a proper approach to preparation for the overall golf course layout, each hole and even the weather.

Choose your 14 Golf Clubs Wisely

Golf Bag with 14 Clubs

Strategically choosing your golf clubs is an important decision since you are only allowed 14 clubs. Let’s decide how best to choose them.

Golf Scoring and Formats

Golf Scorecard

Golf can be more fun with different formats and ways you can play the game. I’ve played every format below and it is always nice to shake things up and play a different strategy or play when it doesn’t count every single shot you make.  These are the most common ways  Stroke Play Individual golfers […]

Golf Etiquette

Zombie Golf Etiquette

Having proper golf etiquette is the same as showing manners in public. It’s a wonderful display of sportsmanship, class and a show of respect to your golf playing partners.

How to Read a Green

Reading a Putting Green

Reading a green is a critical skill to approach and visualize your putting stroke and the line of the golf ball. I’ll walk you through some best practices commonly used by tour golf pros.

Golf Pitching 101

Golf Pitching - Pitch Shot

Golf Pitching is performed when you want a high arch on the ball flight with a bit of a backward spin to ensure the ball sticks close to where it lands. When pitching, the ball flies farther than it rolls.

How To Putt Like a Golf Pro

Putting On a Golf Green

Have you ever heard of the golf saying “Drive for Show, Putt for Dough”? A great putting game can cover for your errant golf shots, help you set personal records and even put pressure against your match play opponents.

Golf Chipping 101

Chipping - Golf Chip Shot

Chipping is when the golf ball rolls farther than it flies, so you want more control of the ball. Let me teach you the basics of the art form of chipping!

Gripping a Golf Club

Golf Grip Feature

Your grip is the lifeline of your golf swing. You want your grip to position your club properly so you can allow smoother rotation with your body. When this occurs, you can then build momentum from the weight of the golf club head in order to release the club properly to increase club head speed and power.