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Golf Etiquette

Having proper golf etiquette is the same as showing manners in public. It's a wonderful display of sportsmanship, class and a show of respect to your golf playing partners.
Zombie Golf Etiquette

Learning how to play golf on a golf course can be very intimidating when just starting off. You’re more worried about making contact than anything else but adding another aspect of the game of not looking like a lost dog can be overwhelming.  A big part of developing players is to give them the confidence to actually get on the golf course by showing them the etiquette and manners of the game. 

Be Humble

Unless you played on the PGA Tour at one point, someone is always better than you. The golf world is enormous and is a gentleman’s game so be friendly, courteous and have fun.

Get to the 1st Tee on time

 If your tee time is 10:00, you need to arrive at the tee at 9:50 because 10:00 is when your first player should be putting the ball in the air. 

Understand Rules of the Day

Sometimes with nature, course conditions may change from heavy rains or possible course construction/repair so the course should let you know when you check in or the starter will let you know some of the following

  • Golf cart rules of the day
  • Pin placements rotation

Keep Pace of Play. Don’t be the “Slow Golfer”

The biggest thing the golf staff puts importance on a daily routine is to always check the pace of play. The course puts a maximum round time for all groups so make sure you and your fellow players keep an eye on pace and the group in front of you, not behind you. Even though you are not hitting every minute of the round, you still need to learn how to prepare your shots when you are not hitting a golf shot.  

This means less talking or less sitting in the golf cart and more preparing for your next shot. On a busy day, if you play slow, all the groups behind you will be playing at the same pace so be proactive and don’t be afraid to say something to urge your group’s pace.

Waving a Group Through

If your group is playing slow, the optimal solution is for your group to speed up. But if your group can’t keep up with the group ahead or you or you can feel the group behind you pushing on every hole, it’s best to wave them through. But only wave a group through when there’s no one in front of you. If you’re also waiting on the group in front of you, don’t feel obligated to the group behind you. They know you’re in the same bind if they see you waiting around for your next shots.

On busy days, avoid letting groups pass if you started on time but fell behind, as this may worsen the overall pace. It’s crucial to pay attention to the group ahead and take proactive measures within your own group to avoid falling behind.

Don’t Hit Into Another Group

Speaking of slow golfers, do not even think about hitting into the group ahead of you no matter how slow they are. Hopefully they have the courtesy to allow your group to pass. If not, you can ask a ranger to push them along or even ask them directly, which is usually done when you’re close to them such as when you’re on the green and they’re teeing off on the next hole.

Yell Fore!

If you hit a golf shot into people either it be a really good shot or a wayward shot, make you or anyone in your group yell “Fore!” to warn the players that a golf ball is heading their way.  

Be Patient

I’ve seen many incidents among groups on the course have arguments and even physical scuffles. This is usually the result of a group hitting their golf ball into another group in front of them. What causes this is not paying attention to where the group is in front or just hitting a shot way better than expected. I’ve played with many golfers where I would hold off a golfer to hit their shot because I can see the group ahead not clear out or a group in a spot I know we can reach.

So pay attention ahead and if you are not sure if they cleared out of your landing zone, take another minute before you hit your shot. I always say, we will just wait again and there is no where to go so let’s be safe first. If you hit your ball into another group (which should be an accident!), be sure to apologize to them and
explain that you didn’t see them or expect to hit the ball that far (or
that you hit it so bad it ended up on another hole.

Leave the Golf Course in Better Shape

This means if you made some kind of damage like a divot or a pitch mark on the greens, make sure you repair them because if you don’t the course will not heal as fast as you think. 

Respect the Golf Course Equipment

Your golf cart is worth over $4,500 so if you damage that or anything else, you will be liable. Throwing temper tantrums in front of other adults is also damaging to your reputation. No one will want to play with you again.

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V Tongwarin

V Tongwarin

Visanu Tongwarin or “Coach V” is a Class A PGA Teaching Professional at Legacy Ridge Golf Course and Walnut Creek Golf Preserve in Westminster, Colorado. V's brings his passion for teaching the game of golf to all levels of golfers from running children clinics to training state champions and seasoned professionals.