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Short Game Tips on the Driving Range

Short Game Driving Range Tips

Unlock the secrets to mastering your short game on the driving range with our comprehensive guide. Discover new helpful tips and exercises to elevate your skills around the green.

Mastering the Art of the Putt-Chip

Chip Putt in Golf

Master the art of the putt-chip: Introducing the intricacies of the putt-chip, including when to use it, how to execute it, and effective practice methods.

How to Hit a Buried Ball out of a Bunker

Golf Ball Buried in the Sand - Bunker Shot

Hitting a ball that is buried in sand can be one of the most challenging shots in golf. However, with the right technique, it is possible to hit a buried ball consistently and accurately.

Is It Better to Pitch or Chip?

Should I Pitch or Chip in Golf

The decision to pitch or chip depends on the situation of your shot and how comfortable you are in your short game. Let’s dive into when you should pitch and when you should chip.

Golf Chipping vs Pitching

Golf Pitching or Chipping

Chipping and pitching in golf offer different short-game benefits: Chipping rolls the ball, Pitching adds height and control. Each has its purpose.

Bunker Shot

Golf Bunker Sand Shot - Set-up

Golf pros hit bunker shots with the smoothness as a regular shot from the middle of the fairway. Let’s review how they hit their bunker shots with such ease and accuracy.

Golf Pitching 101

Golf Pitching - Pitch Shot

Golf Pitching is performed when you want a high arch on the ball flight with a bit of a backward spin to ensure the ball sticks close to where it lands. When pitching, the ball flies farther than it rolls.