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Letting Up in Golf

Letting Up in Golf

Discover when and how to intentionally let up in golf to gain a better advantage on your next shot without sacrificing too much in distance.

What is a Playing Lesson in Golf?

Golf Playing Lesson

Discover the benefits of playing lessons in golf. From course management to real-world examples, learn how they can improve your game.

How to Fix a Ball Mark on a Green

How To Fix Ball Mark in Golf

Ball marks are indentations on the putting green after your golf ball lands on it. Fortunately, fixing ball marks is easy and kinda fun!

Golf Course Management

Golf Yardage Book

Managing a golf course – instead of the course managing you – involves strategy and a proper approach to preparation for the overall golf course layout, each hole and even the weather.

How to Fix a Golf Divot

Slanted Golf Divot

Fixing a golf divot is a courteous thing to do on behalf of yourself and your fellow golfers. I will teach you how to best repair your golf divot.