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How to Keep Your Drive in the Fairway

Keep Your Golf Drives Straight

From a patient takeaway to proper weight transfer and club control, learn the techniques to elevate your golf game and find the fairway consistently.

How to Stop Swinging So Hard in Golf

One of the most common mistakes people make in their golf swing is swinging too hard. But this is usually the worst thing you can do. Let’s dive into why and how to prevent it.

Shallow Your Golf Swing

Shallow Flat Golf Swing

Shallow and flatten your golf swing to improve your ball striking and hit the ball more flush. Here are tips for a more consistent approach to your golf swing.

How to Shorten Your Golf Swing

Shortened Golf Swing

One common bad habit in golf is overswinging, which is when you extend your backswing too long. Let’s learn how to properly shorten your golf swing.

How to Keep Your Head Down in Golf

Golf Swing - Keep Your Head Down

Why do golfers sometimes look up early in their golf swing? It is not always what you think! Misalignment in your swing may be the root cause.

Baseball Swing vs Golf Swing

Baseball Swing vs Golf Swing

Switching from a baseball swing to a golf swing isn’t easy. But there are key items to focus on to help you abandon some baseball habits that don’t translate well to a golf swing.

Top Hand Grip Strength Can Improve Your Contact

Golf Grip Feature

The top hand of your golf grip can result in a great or bad shot, even if you put on the perfect swing. Let’s review the different types of grip strengths and what they mean for your golf shot.

Golf Downswing

Golf Downswing off tee

The golf downswing should be the easier part of your swing – set up by a proper backswing and top of swing. But there are still things you still need to perform properly as you make impact with the golf ball.